Samsung & British Museum

Winners of the BP A&B Long-term Partnership Award


In 2009, Samsung and the British Museum agreed a 5 year partnership to offer innovative digital learning to schools and families within the British Museum. The project, which includes both financial and in-kind support, is delivered through the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre (SDDC) with the aim of positively enhancing the learning experience of young people within the cultural environment. The SDDC offers the most extensive on-site digital learning of any UK museum, with 11 programmes throughout the academic year, and family programmes 50 weekends a year. All activities are free. In the first 4 years of operation, the SDDC attracted over 40,000 participants from 3 to 18 years. The original partnership between Samsung and the British Museum also included the provision of 20 digital screens providing up to date information in the Museum to 6 million visitors a year.

In 2013, Samsung renewed the sponsorship for another 5 years, enabling the Museum to continue its work by creating additional innovative programmes that respond to the new English National Curriculum (including Augmented Reality, developing apps which use image recognition and 3-D printing.) The renewal enables the BM to develop more teacher-led activities in the galleries using Samsung tablets, extending the reach of the SDDC beyond its physical confines. Additionally, the new programme has incorporated Samsung School software and technology into some sessions, creating a perfect collaboration reflecting each organisations commitment to education. 

Image: Samsung + BM stand at BETT 2014

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