BP and National Portrait Gallery

Shortlisted for the A&B Sponsorship Award

The BP Portrait Award is the longest running and most prestigious portrait competition in the world, with BP’s support confirmed until 2017. 

BP Portrait Award 2012 attracted over 2,187 entries from 75 different countries demonstrating it is a truly global Award. The Award encourages the promotion of figurative art amongst a younger generation of artists and this has continually developed with the introduction of the Young Artist Award in 2007 and BP Portrait Award: Next Generation in 2010, which provides opportunities for 14-19 year olds to work with practising artists, including past BP Portrait Award winners. 
This project offers a unique opportunity for the Gallery to connect with the network of past winners, many of whose careers were launched by the Award. The demonstrable legacy of this partnership is vitally important for both BP and the Gallery. 
This sponsorship is a true partnership; it has not just given financial support to the National Portrait Gallery over many years, but has established a platform for trust and creativity which has been of equal importance to both BP and the Gallery. The essence of the BP Portrait Award is in the way both parties have worked together to enhance the original concept and to make sure it is continually relevant to artists and audiences alike.