Engage and develop your employees

Engage and develop your employees using creative training and arts volunteering 

Get the most out of your employees by growing their skills set, offering creative training solutions and revitalising their workspace

• we can offer structured volunteering opportunities as Trustees of Arts Boards through our acclaimed Board Bank and Young Professionals on Arts Boards Programme

• Bring art into the workplace 

• Through artist led training we can deliver creative solutions to organisational challenges for business employees at both senior and junior levels

Case Study

UBS & Circus Space

The success of the UBS & Circus Space partnership has helped regenerate Hoxton and now the wider suburbs of East London via the creation of businesses, jobs and an internationally recognised arts organisation which occupies some of the finest circus training facilities in Europe.

CS has enabled UBS to increase awareness amongst its stakeholders about the need to support local community, and educate and encourage young people through artistic mediums. In addition, the partnership has also enabled support for professional Circus Artists and a Business and Enterprise Learning Unit that provides experiential training and team building for the corporate community