edding (UK) Ltd & Monorex

Winner of the Lloyd's A&B Innovation Prize and shortlisted for the A&B Cultural Branding Award at the 31st Arts & Business Awards, 2009

Eager to show the world the fresh young talent of the London arts scene, Monorex arts collective launched Secret Wars live arts event. Monorex approached edding (UK) Ltd to arm their warring artists with the necessary ink.

For over 90 minutes new and established artists went head to head, in front of the judging panel and live audience, to create a piece of art directly onto the venue’s white emulsion walls. All artists used the same materials: black Edding pens and markers.

The impact

edding’s brand exposure through Secret Wars’ success story has gone global with the inky wars now taking place in cities across Europe and in New York. The project has been an overwhelming commercial success with clients such as Reebok, Google/You Tube, the V&A Museum and Selfridges all interested in using Monorex’s concept.

edding were able to engage the influential 18-30 market through the urban street appeal of Secret Wars and by effectively tapping into social networking websites and blogs. All the artists involved in Secret Wars continue to use Edding products.

"Our sponsorship of the Monorex Secret Wars art battles have helped transform the way the brand is seen. Our reputation for quality and dependability has been bolstered with a new hip edge – what we started here has been continued by the word-of-mouth of youthful international trend leaders."
Andy Gutteridge, Marketing Manager edding (UK) Ltd