Responsible Business Week (23-27 April 2018) is an annual awareness campaign which celebrates the brighter side of business by sharing great responsible business success stories.

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For the last 35 years Arts & Business has been collecting data on the reach of private sector support for culture. In doing so, it has created an authoritative and valuable longitudinal study that is unmatched anywhere in the world.
Arts organisations in England that have joined our network
Ladies and gentlemen,here are the winners of the Arts & Business Awards in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover
The Unilever Series and The Unilever Series: turbinegeneration combine to make one of the most successful corporate art sponsorships in the UK. This long-term partnership has evolved over ten years and will continue to develop until at least 2013.
Seventeen years ago, Circus Space was a derelict power station in a run-down part of East London. Now it is recognised as the catalyst for an urban renewal project which has transformed Hoxton into a thriving cultural domain with one of the most desirable postcodes in London.

In 2009, Travelex, long-time sponsors of National Theatre came on board as partners for NT Live – an ambitious project to broadcast theatre live (or as-live) from the stage in London to over 300 cinemas in the UK and around the world including New York, Toronto, Johannesburg and Sydney.
Based on shared brand values of ‘telling stories’, this partnership supports research into the people of Early Historic Scotland, including the mysterious Picts.
This summer, the V&A will be staging a multi-dimensional exhibition experience. Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace will present an original work of fiction by author Hari Kunzru, transformed into a walk-in story by leading graphic designers, typographers and illustrators including Le Gun, Oded Ezer, Erik Kessels and Luke Pearson.
Winners of the BP Arts & Business Long-term Partnership Award, 33rd Arts & Business Awards
Jaguar Land Rover Award winners for ‘Business Innovation (in partnership with Clarke Associates)’ Category 2010
... Sewing the seeds of a strong partnership 
Winners of the Prudential A&B Volunteering and People Development Award, 33rd Arts & Business Awards