John J Studzinski is tireless in his support and patronage of the arts worldwide. In the UK, his philanthropic work spans over two decades, and in 2001 his contributions in the field of the arts were formalised through the establishment of the Genesis Foundation.
Susie Sainsbury has had an enormous impact on the arts in the UK throughout her many years of devotion to the sector, in particular to her great loves of music and performing arts.
A dynamic, cross-platform exhibition providing a unique opportunity for artists and designers from across the globe to showcase state of the art technology and inspire new audiences.
This July Bloomberg celebrated the launch of Dazzle Ship London, a striking public art commission that sees the original WW1 warship HMS President transformed into a vast floating art work on the Thames river in the heart of London.
BP Portrait Award: Next Generation is a dynamic project taking place at the National Portrait Gallery that aims to inspire the next generation of BP Portrait Award winners.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the National Theatre have announced a multi-year partnership in support of NT Future, the National’s £80m redevelopment project which will transform the facilities the theatre offers audiences and artists, enhance its relationship with the environment and place education firmly at the heart of its mission.
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