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For the last 35 years Arts & Business has been collecting data on the reach of private sector support for culture. In doing so, it has created an authoritative and valuable longitudinal study that is unmatched anywhere in the world.
John J Studzinski is tireless in his support and patronage of the arts worldwide. In the UK, his philanthropic work spans over two decades, and in 2001 his contributions in the field of the arts were formalised through the establishment of the Genesis Foundation.
In the North East of England, as elsewhere outside of the capital, the dearth of philanthropic giving to the arts is oft lamented. Lyn and the late Trevor Shears are exemplary figures in the region, championing the cause of their local arts organisations and investing heavily in the cultural infrastructure of the North East.
Susie Sainsbury has had an enormous impact on the arts in the UK throughout her many years of devotion to the sector, in particular to her great loves of music and performing arts.
Counting the sheer number of galleries, museums and educational institutions up and down the country with Djanogly rooms and wings, it’s easy to see how generous and far-reaching their philanthropic giving is.
Arts organisations across the UK have benefitted from the support of the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation but in their home county of Yorkshire their support for the arts remains unsurpassed by any other charitable foundation or individual donor in the region.
2014 Prince of Wales Arts Philanthropy Medal celebrates giving across the country