If you go down to Kings Hill today, you’re in for a big surprise…

Liberty Property Trust UK supports a series of engaging and innovative art exhibitions at Kings Hill, inspiring employees and visitors alike.

Over the past two decades Liberty Property Trust UK has transformed the former West Malling airfield into one of the largest and most successful mixed-use developments in Europe. Set in 800 acres of landscaped parkland, Kings Hill in Kent is home to international and local businesses which provide employment opportunities for its residential community.

To add to this Liberty Property Trust UK has put in place a rolling art initiative at Kings Hill in collaboration with Arts & Business (#KingsHillArts). Appointed curator June  Frickleton selects artwork to be exhibited in the lobbies of multi-let office buildings. Exhibitions are installed, and updated three times a year, creating a fresh and changing environment, stimulating an interest in arts and culture for the employees and their visitors.

It’s not all water colours and life drawings,a lot of the work on show is innovative, rich in diversity and in some cases, quite unconventional.

Robert Bradford: My Alien

Robert Bradford: My Alien

Recently Kings Hill featured the work of Herne Bay sculptor Robert Bradford. Robert’s ‘Alien’ sculpture has been catching the imagination of employees and taking them on a trip down memory lane. The sculpture, like a lot of Robert’s work, is made up of hundreds of toys from different eras. ‘Alien’, is a part of a six year long plastic toy series which began in response to a moment spent in the studio staring into a box of outgrown and discarded toys that were left there by chance.

Guy Portelli, Mod Rock, 2009
Pop Art and comic book illustrations are integral to this
deconstructed sculptural tribute to The Who
(painted aluminium, nickel plated aluminium, edition of 5) 

Last year, Tonbridge sculptor Guy Portelli, a household name with his appearances on TV and in the press – featured work from his Pop Icon Sculptures Series – which featured sculptures of The Spice Girls, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and The Who.

It is clear the work is there to encourage thinking and ways of seeing and not just for decoration purposes.

A list of artists whose works are currently on display can be found on the Kings Hill website. The artwork is available for sale direct from the artists and employees may view examples of the art and links to the artists' websites.

Kings Hill

Details of the summer exhibition to follow shortly. #KingsHillArts

Lead photo:
Works by artists Krystyna Lowicz and Paula MacArthur