How Culture Enhances Brands (video and download)

Look beneath the surface to discover how culture affects brands' engagement with consumers. Our research examines how successful brands take advantage of the unique characteristics of the arts

We investigate how people’s experience of culture is changing and how business can use this to fashion new relationships with their customers. We worked with Joseph Pine and James Gilmore, authors of The Experience Economy and Authenticity, to uncover the huge influence culture will have on the way businesses engage with consumers in the future. The theory is brought to life through examples such as Ford’s ‘This is now’ and Edding Pens’ ‘Secret Wars’. In partnership with Cass Business School and a distingusihed panel, the report was launched:

  • Mat Hunter designer, innovator and former partner at IDEO
  • Professor Vincent-Wayne Mitchell Professor of Consumer Marketing, Cass Business School
  • Charlie Newbery Marketing Manager, The Sunday Times
  • Dr Anne Thidemann General Manager, Frieze 


Download the report here

Beyond Experience: culture, consumer & brand
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